Who Gets To Be a Geek? Anyone Who Wants to Be – Whatever

The right to be a geek

Who, upon seeing a woman cosplaying without an accompanying curriculum vitae posted above her head on a stick, laying out her geek bona fides, says to him or herself “Everything I loved about my geekdom has turned to ashes in my mouth,” and then flees to from the San Diego Convention Center, weeping? If there is such an unfortunate soul, should the fragile pathology of their own geekdom be the concern of the cosplaying woman?

The premise that geekdom is about sharing things you love, not hating it when the things you love reach other people, is something bigger than just geekdom, and I think sharing is magical.

However, most of the things I enjoy, I enjoy as a monk. I sit in my dark corner and work. And then, I share the results. Hopefully I still get to keep my geek card.