The future of newspapers?

Try to imagine a world where the future of print is unclear: Maybe 25 year olds will start demanding news from yesterday, delivered in an unshareable format once a day. Perhaps advertisers will decide “Click to buy” is for wimps. Mobile phones: could be a fad. After all, anything could happen with print. Hard to tell, really.

<3 @cshirky

Great long form article about Adventure Time

Literature fans are likely to enjoy Adventure Time’s deliriously loopy philosophico-comical language most of all. Sometimes the “deeper” message is double-edged, both joke and not, as in this pronouncement from the scarily toothless, smeared and bitten gingerbread man, the Royal Tart Toter: “This cosmic dance of bursting decadence and withheld permissions twists all our arms collectively. But, if sweetness can win—and it can—then I’ll still be here tomorrow, to high five you, yesterday, my friend. Peace.” But mostly the language is just full of fun:

“I’m not righteous,” Finn laments. “I’m wrongteous. Stupidteous.”

<3 Best animation on TV.


Kan vi se for oss Thorstein Selvik levere følgende peptalk i et rom fullt av herrer:

«Så nyyydelige dere ser ut, gutter! Skjønnere enn noensinne! Dere er så flotte at dere sikkert får tafse litt på hun damen med kameraet!«

Kjønnet nettverksbygging er tull, uansett hvilket kjønn.

Terms of Service bonanza

Instead, anyone who has received anything that could be construed as a benefit and who then has a dispute with the company over its products will have to use informal negotiation via email or go through arbitration to seek relief, according to the new terms posted on its site.

In language added on Tuesday after The New York Times contacted it about the changes, General Mills seemed to go even further, suggesting that buying its products would bind consumers to those terms.

Surely US is the final frontier of corporate law.

A computer mystery/romance set 5 minutes into the future of 1988

Looks like an excellent game.


- Det er verdifullt med alternativer, men forslaget er ikke realistisk fordi det vil ramme vanlige folk som tilfeldigvis har dyre eiendommer veldig hardt, sier han.

Ja, stakkars vanlige folk med veldig dyre eiendommer :)

Enterprise fucked up OAuth 2.0

In the real world, Facebook is still running on draft 12 from a year and a half ago, with absolutely no reason to update their implementation. After all, an updated 2.0 client written to work with Facebook’s implementation is unlikely to be useful with any other provider and vice-versa. OAuth 2.0 offers little to none code re-usability.

This makes me really mad. :-(

Oops, I accidentally muslims.

“I actually support funding for teaching the fundamentals of America’s Founding Fathers’ religion, which is Christianity, in public schools or private schools,” the District 64 Representative said Monday.

“Unfortunately it will not be limited to the Founders’ religion,” Hodges said. “We need to insure that it does not open the door to fund radical Islam schools. There are a thousand Muslim schools that have sprung up recently. I do not support using public funds for teaching Islam anywhere here in Louisiana.”

America, the land of hypocrites.

How does Chrome for IOS perform compared to Safari?

Quite a bit slower.

So really, if you’re using Chrome on iOS, it’s because you absolutely love the design and integration with Google’s services, and are willing to trade off considerable JavaScript performance for those perks.

This is a big problem in general for anyone using uiwebview heavily in apps. #performance

RFC1459 - Internet Relay Chat Protocol

Because of IRC's scandanavian origin, the characters {}| are

considered to be the lower case equivalents of the characters []\,

respectively. This is a critical issue when determining the

equivalence of two nicknames.

Fun nugget of information it the original IRC RFC.

The problem with PHP

Is PHP so broken as to be unworkable? No. Clearly not. The great crime of PHP is its utter banality. Its continued propularity is living proof that quality is irrelevant; cheap and popular and everywhere always wins. PHP is the Nickelback of programming languages. And, yes, out of frustration with the status quo I may have recently referred to Rasmus Lerdorf, the father of PHP, as history's greatest monster. I've told myself a million times to stop exaggerating.

this is why I've been dodging PHP for years.

The free drug market

“Drug cartel,” it turns out, is a whopper of a misnomer; neither the Mexicans nor the Colombians ever colluded to fix prices or supply. “I wish they were cartels,” Arturo Sarukhán, Mexico’s ambassador in Washington, told me. “If they were, they wouldn’t be fighting and driving up the violence.”

Smart people make stupid mistakes.

intelligence seems to make things worse. The scientists gave the students four measures of “cognitive sophistication.” As they report in the paper, all four of the measures showed positive correlations, “indicating that more cognitively sophisticated participants showed larger bias blind spots.” This trend held for many of the specific biases, indicating that smarter people (at least as measured by S.A.T. scores) and those more likely to engage in deliberation were slightly more vulnerable to common mental mistakes

Thinking is hard, let's go shopping.

Huge Prometheus review


Damon Lindelof “So we’ll have this crashed ship, and a load of people who don’t know each other, and there’ll be loads of unexplained things happening, and life-forms charging about the place, and it’ll be hyper-confusing. Like Lost, but in space.”

Ridley “Lost. In space. I like it. What shall we call it?”

Damon Lindelof “Prometheus.”

Ridley “Brilliant! But why? No, just brilliant!”

Don't read if you haven't seen the movie.

Knowing your medium.

Will knowing HTML and CSS make you a better designer for the web? Almost certainly, but no more than knowing how to coat, expose, rinse, and pull a screen will make you a better poster designer

Or knowing about CMYK color profiles, and how ink saturates paper. I think Andy is making a weak point here. Knowing your medium will make you better qualified.

Locking all your content into apps, the Steve Jobs way.

iTunes as a view on top of the filesystem makes sense. The iOS/iCloud view of a future with no shared state or messaging seems like a dead end to me. I don’t think it will work to pre-determine all the interactions that people will want.

This is what I fear most about the current Apple vision for software. Software that cannot talk to other software is dull software.

Powerpoint is making soldiers stupider

Commanders say that behind all the PowerPoint jokes are serious concerns that the program stifles discussion, critical thinking and thoughtful decision-making. Not least, it ties up junior officers — referred to as PowerPoint Rangers — in the daily preparation of slides, be it for a Joint Staff meeting in Washington or for a platoon leader’s pre-mission combat briefing in a remote pocket of Afghanistan.

Imagine what it must be doing to programmers.

So screwed

That’s the problem in a nutshell: once your newspaper has been stripped of the magic of print — the same magic that makes you far more appealing to advertisers than the amount of time spent with your medium would seem to indicate — you become just another digital voice among thousands or even millions of other voices. Then you are no different from the Huffington Post, or Buzzfeed, or a Twitter-driven news source such as or Prismatic. In fact, you could actually be seen as worse in some ways, because you are a single voice.

No wonder newspapers are afraid.

Salt minnes back home

Proponents of the eat-less-salt campaign tend to deal with this contradictory evidence by implying that anyone raising it is a shill for the food industry and doesn’t care about saving lives. An N.I.H. administrator told me back in 1998 that to publicly question the science on salt was to play into the hands of the industry. “As long as there are things in the media that say the salt controversy continues,” he said, “they win.”

I used to know this guy who loved salt. Died of cancer in his 50s.

Of course, he also loved alcohol and tobacco.

the Why Wasn't I Consulted problem.

WWIC is the thing people talk about when they talk about nicer-sounding things like “the wisdom of crowds” or “cognitive surplus.” It has become the first thing I think about when I think about the web. I've spent a lot of time with users, and as part of various web communities. I've answered thousands of emails about things I built or said. Now, when I sit down to graffle, I start by asking: “How do we deal with the WWIC problem?” Everything else comes after.

Everyone who builds things for the web needs to keep this in mind.

GoT season 2 diverges even more from the books.

Game of Thrones season two exceeded our already high expectations and defied our fears. As George R.R. Martin's source material becomes more and more challenging to adapt, the TV show managed to stick remarkably close to Martin's storylines while making some elegant adjustments.

Nice walkthrough of the main changes from the book. Note that it contains quite a few spoilers, if you haven't seen it yet.

Tim Bray prefers handsets to tablets. No OS mentioned

Tablets · I’m to­tally de­pen­dent on mine for read­ing and brows­ing and demo­ing. And I’m sure there’s buck­et­loads of money to be made build­ing and sell­ing them. ¶

But in­creas­ingly, they feel like just an­other com­puter, de­li­ciously light but starved for CPU and mem­ory, with a great screen but a lousy key­board.

This dislike of tablets wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that @timbray works for GOOG and uses Android as his mobile OS, would it?

What is it all for?

And yet on some days, you're not quite so sure. The great irony of life is that you need to live hard, as you have, to make something meaningful out of it. But you need to laze around, idly reflecting, to actually figure out the meaning in what you've made of your life. And since you haven't done much of that, you grope. And fail. And then you seek the dirty V-word. Validation. Tough, since you're better than the people you seek it from, right?

Get rich or die trying. What will you do once you succeed tho?

Clojure GSOC project for Android development

I'm willing to work on a Clojure/Android project. The specific proposal I want to focus on is creating a dynamic development experience on Android platform for Clojure developers.

This seems like the way of the future for Android development :)

Facebook auto-sharing slightly less creepy

Video apps must also now inform you that they auto-share and provide an option to opt out on the page where a video is watched. These rules could deflate the user counts of apps like Viddy and Socialcam.

I can't believe this was not in place from day one. Also, Socialcam sounds like socialscam :)

Is Ullern the worst place to live in Norway? / Columns / The Foreigner — Norwegian News in English.

In Ullern you can go days without seeing someone with dark skin. It's a monoculture in a city that is increasingly diverse. It's a Norway that I don't much like, and that doesn't much like the rest of Norway, as far as I can tell. You'd be forgiven for thinking that nothing counts in this society but the making of money, the buying of cars and frocks, and the keeping up of appearances.

I started my life in Oslo living in Ullern, and has been steadily moving east since. No regrets.

Pinboard Site Tour — Better Online Bookmarking!

Twitter Searchable archive of your tweets from up to three accounts.

This was what tipped me over to subscribe to pinboard. I fear that all my tweets, or at least all the older ones, will suddenly be gone some day.

I Have an Idea for a Game « Applied Game Design

Game design is not the idea. It is the execution.So, if you desperately want to make games, the only advice I have for you is to start making them. You can work your way up through QA as others have done, or you can learn to code. In my own job, I work with three other designers who can code, and I would be a much better designer if I could.

I think this goes for most software design.

Legaliseringsdebatten avsporer « minerva

De fleste av dem jeg har lest om, som muligens ikke er representative, har imidlertid snakket om denne tilstanden i fortid. Det fungerte en stund, før det begynte å rakne, økonomisk, sosialt og jobbmessig. Skyldes utforbakken bare at stoffene er illegale?

Det er jo helt åpenbart feil. Folk snakker om det i fortid fordi å snakke om det mens man er aktiv bruker er stigmatiserende og ødeleggende for karrieremuligheter. - Keep your email flowing - YouTube

Looks interesting.

2014 Tesla Model X All-Electric Gullwing SUV: New Info, Photos

Falcon wings, faster than a 911The new, all-electric Tesla Model X crossover, which was introduced on stage by Tesla CEO Elon Musk (also the man behind SpaceX), isn’t exactly a step toward the mass market. But it does take on premium utility vehicles with three rows of seating for up to seven, better maneuverability than a Mini Cooper, and a 0-60 mph time of just 4.4 seconds—that’s faster than a Porsche 911, Musk jeered.

Min neste bil. Vi må stå på, gutta!

Samsungs Smart TV blokkeres -

Internettleverandøren KT har nemlig blokkert all datatrafikk til nåværende Smart TV-produkter fra Samsung. Årsaken skal ifølge dem være at funksjonen tar opp for mye båndbredde og kveler nettrafikken.

Hurra for ISPene.

Quoted / Hello!

Jepp, vi trenger muligheten til å gruppere flere posts sammen med hverandre. Nøyaktig hvordan det skal virke gjenstår å se. (Og jeg innser at vi snart må implementere kommentarer…)

Føler at dette blir veldig meta ihvertfall.

43 Rumors | Blog | HOT! Voigtländer announces the new (amazing!) 17.5mm f/0.95 lens!

Hot! After the superb Voigtländer Nokton 25mm f/0.95 Cosina just (officially!) announced the new Voigtländer Nokton 17.5mm f/0.95! The German press release is online at Photoscala (click here to read the horrible google translation). The main difference with the 25mm version is that the aperture ring can be switched from “Click stops” to “Clickless stops” using the ring in the front of the aperture ring. That’s perfect for video use! And the lens should have a superb bokeh too

I want this lens!

miyagawa/heroku-buildpack-perl - GitHub

This is a Heroku buildpack that runs any PSGI based web applications using Starman.

Don't think PSGI is the actual sweetspot for Perl on Heroku. You want to be able to run stuff that's not strictly request based as well, like hypnotoad apps or irc bots.